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The Slither mailing list run by Terry Kirk is the premier internet resource for snake keepers. The mailing list has over 350 subscribers from at least 17 different countries. This webring is designed to link together the sites of current and ex-subscribers. Whilst members all share an interest in snakes, and many sites will feature snakes and other reptiles, the only pre-requisite for participation in the Slither Ring is to be a current or past member of Slither.

Web Rings provide a neat (and webmaster friendly) way of navigating between sites.
As a surfer you just click on the Next/Previous/Random link to go to another site.
As a webmaster just fill in the form below and an email will be sent to you, with the HTML to add to your page. I will then take a look at your page and add it to the ring.

If you are a Slither subscriber with a website I would like to encourage you to join. If you later want to leave the ring for any reason, all you have to do is mail me your intention and remove the HTML. I will do the rest. You will be welcome to come back if you change your mind.

Slither Ring is maintained by Jonathan Huss
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The objective of this ring is to link together the sites of as many current and ex Slither subscribers as possible

There are very few qualification to join the ring:-

To join just fill in the following form. You will receive an email confirming that you have entered a queue to join the ring. It will also contain the HTML to add to your page. When you have added the HTML, send an email to and I will take a look at your site (to check the webring HTML is set up nicely). Then, all being well, I'll add you to the ring.

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The HTML supplied should generate a presentable graphic in both Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet explorer (and most other browsers). However HTML is notoriously difficult to code for different editors (I use HoTMetaL Pro). If your editor dislikes my code, please feel free to change it, (or email me for advice). BUT keep it looking very similar to the 'standard' at the top of this page, and make sure you test it on both Navigator and Explorer. Please note that everything in the HTML is there for a reason (Mostly to make sure it looks the same on both Netscape and MSIE). Please don't change it without good reason. If it doesn't integrate nicely with your page mail me and we can come to a compromise.


Slither Logo for light backgrounds
Slither Ring Logo 'for light backgrounds'
Slither Logo for dark backgrounds
Slither Ring Logo 'for dark backgrounds'

The Slither Logo (for light backgrounds) will always be available on my site and on Terry's site (see above). However it is advisable to download it ('right click' on the image, and 'save picture as') and put it on your own site. This way the logo will load as fast as the rest of your page. Make sure that you change the HTML accordingly.
The Slither logo for dark backgrounds is available from my site only (see above), but again it's better to download it and put it on your own server.

If neither of these logo's looks right on your site, please let me know. The logo writing is available in other colours (eg red).

If you want to change anything about the ring configuration, the layout, colours, fonts, size or anything else, please let me know. If I like your suggestion I will act on it.


Nothing is worse than a dead-end in a web ring. So, if you change your URL please edit your information right away. If your site will be down for longer than 48 hours, please write me. I will move you back into the queue while you are fixing your site, then back into the ring when it's up and running again.